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The NegaVerse
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The NegaVerse is an eerie, twisted universe coterminously and tangentially connected to the Legitimitium MultiVerse. It is a place out of phase with itself, broken vistas scattered throughout its space. Its reaches are vast, perhaps infinite, and filled with fractured worlds that don't quite fit together right. Planets, along with the celestial phenomena that surround them in the great stretches of bley colored space, are themselves littered with disturbing, singularly molded detritus stained with a riot of subdued, slightly knocked off colors. The essence of corruption and the stench of polluted, primordial Ablogical Binding Substance permeate the entire realm. Some brik theologians believe that the NegaVerse was once pure and more solidly connected to the Multiverse but suffered some great cataclysm that mangled its bond with the extraplanar structure. Others theorize that the crippled universe was intentionally designed to be a counterbalance to the overflowing potential of pure Leg-Ore. Whatever their ideas, whichever universe they reside in, all agree on an intense hatred for all things Nega. BrikVerse inhabitants, in particular, are famed and dogged enemies of NegaTaint.

NegaVerse Characteristics


The Ablogical Binding Substance present in the NegaVerse is, collectively, of a significantly lower quality than the Leg-Ore found in its sister universes. Cheap, muddied, and unrefined, Nega-ABS hardens into chunky and unevolved forms. It carries the taint of corruption in it, a half-assed imitation of true life. Also derogatorily called a CLOan Brand, Nega-ABS is believed to be the source of what outside Leg-Ore engineers refer to as the MultiVerse's septic sludge.

The lower quality ABS does not allow for exactitude in construction and is often quite fragile in its finished form. However, larger, single part masses tend to hold together somewhat better, which is perhaps the Nega-ABS' only saving grace and the reason why anything in the NegaVerse has an identifiable form and functions more or less as it is supposed to. These POOPs (Pieces with Only One Purpose) often form the cornerstones of both Nega societies and NegaTech. As an added bonus, it appears, Nega-ABS also sometimes manifests strange properties, such as the ability to glow in the dark.


The landscapes and starscapes of the NegaVerse are terrifying to behold to someone not native to the dimension. They often make no sense and defy both logic and good taste. Few who have ever journeyed through a NegaPortal return but those that do return forever changed. Travelers will find themselves beset by stranger and stranger events the longer they stay in any dimension not their own but the NegaVerse takes this to a whole new level, spawning horrors in the minds of the unwary.

NegaVerse Inhabitants

The inhabitants of the NegaVerse are just as twisted and unrefined as the universe they live in. They are a direct result of corruption given a limited form of sentience. There are no clear delineations of species in the NegaVerse; creatures can take any variety of forms. To outsiders, these forms are sometimes almost recognizable, haunting echoes of a half forgotten license. Their goals, as a people, are simple and straightforward. They want to devour the MultiVerse and steep it in their corruption. They want to tear it all down, destroy everything pretty, and melt it into sludge for their POOP molds. They shun the shining excellence that lights the other universes and they hate those who will not settle for less. They will easily sacrifice themselves in droves to satisfy this hatred. Life is cheap in the BrikVerse. It's literally cheaper in the NegaVerse.


Times are changing, however. The NegaVamps. They first appeared around R. 2,009. They were creatures of slightly improved power and function, evolved somehow over their brethren. At first, they didn't seem significantly different... only a little more flexible. They were briefly studied, on the pointy end of a blade, then dismissed as being almost as generally worthless as the scum they spawned from. They were slaughtered with no less prejudice than before.

For the inhabitants of the BrikVerse, that was a mistake. Clearly, more hatred is always the wisest course of action. Left to a regular cycle of destruction, and with so many still being isolated by the MultiVersal Barriers, these creatures grew in power with every encounter they had with the other Verses. With each battle, they stole away the dead and devoured the pure Legitimitium within their bodies. The quality of ABS in their own bodies warped and mutated, becoming somewhat better than it ever had been. In R. 2,012, they revealed themselves in force. They had evolved. Now, the NegaVerse had true Heroes. They began organizing raids that sometimes yielded great victories. Some of the Human inhabitants of the BrikVerse were forced to scratch their neckbeards and acknowledge at least a modicum of respect for these new NegaVamps. Others were killed and replaced outright with Nega-Humans, who suddenly advocated their new champions loudly. This caused some confusion and the arguments became scattered. Because in the deep, cyberspace reaches of the Far-Ums, no one can actually see your spockbeard.


Under enhanced interrogation, Negafigs sometimes carry rumors of a separate set of ripoff Nega-Humans for the NegaVerse, easily distinguished by their Spockbeards. While this is most likely a typical Nega ripoff of someone else's idea, it can be very frustrating to enhanced-interrogators, since getting any actual information out of interrogees interrupts the torture and can be distracting. Some of the more prominent characters mentioned include:

Peacenik: a French hippie with a flowering and Spockbearded skull instead of a head. Enjoys surrendering.

James+Bondgurdy: A suave, hyper-confident, and well-educated gentleman with a Spockbeard. Even though he works as an agent of Justice, everyone loves him anyway because he's so gracious and well-spoken.

Unmighty Penny: A vaguely ugly and unpopular girl with a Spockbeard; some theorize that she's what the Nega-BlokTrix looks like under the mask. Whenever somebody screws up big time, she always seems to be lingering around somewhere in the background, as if just about to spring into action and write lame blog entries about the event.

Lanky: A Spockbearded bleeding-heart slob who creates messes everywhere he goes, but cares deeply about everyone and their individual rights and feelings. He carries a HugBanner to let everyone know he's always available to listen to their butthurt.

Vixen: The only Nega-Human who is actually a reindeer (although still with a Spockbeard), Vixen's reindeer brain is too small to understand things like spelling or grammar, and she mostly just smashes the keyboard with her hooves a bunch of times before going back to playing reindeer games.

TehNoun: TehNoun is a legitimate scientific supergenius, with unmatched understanding of the forces that underlie the universe. This knowledge serves only as a source of constant misery, since the other inhabitants of the Negaverse only understand Nega-Science and think he must be some kind of Nega-Retard because they can't understand a thing he says. Also, he has a Spockbeard.

Raybies: A mid-level bureaucrat obsessed with rules, Raybies is constantly present and interfering with the lives of everyone in Nega Society. Although his systems are incredibly clear and thoughtful, he drives Nega-Humans crazy by posting updated versions so frequently, sometimes several times a day, and requiring strict compliance. The rule system detailing the mandatory care and grooming of Spockbeards alone is in its seventeen millionth edition.

NathanielGI: A militantly heteronormative low-level foot soldier who uses violence to enforce traditional gender roles and Spockbeard compliance.

NegaVerse Connections

The NegaVerse connects to other universes randomly through a series of NegaPortals. Only Nega-BlokTrix knows if there is any discernible pattern. Perhaps the Nega have the ability to trigger portals and perhaps even control their destination. It seems equally possible, however, that the Nega simply take advantage of an opening when it appears.

There are several regions of space within the BrikVerse, such as the Artogat Sector, where these portals are fairly commonplace and relatively stable. There are also several regions, many generally unknown to the universe at large, such as the FringeWorld HubPlanet Arkeais, that house seemingly permanent gateways into the NegaVerse.

Notable NegaVerse Characters and Locations

Nega-BlokTrix: The ruler of the NegaVerse and patron saint of QuikWars.

Nega-Plate: The Nega-BlokTrix's asshole ex-boyfriend, they just didn't fit together.

Nega-Blokia: The Capital Planet of the NegaVerse, haven of all things shoddy and evil.