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The Space Mafia and Emeria have had close ties for a long time, with the entire underworld being under a Mafia Monopoly and nearly 1/4th of the country controlled by the Pro-Mafia VAMI, Briggs. However, recent events have made the Mafia and Emeria basically one and the same.

Open quote.png
<Vami>: I said I would leave if I got banned for enforcing grammar.

<Vami>: I meant it.

<Scratch>: and we've only taken 1/4th of Emeria

<Theblackdog>: So, you're leaving?

<Scratch>: leave what?

<Scratch>: chat?

<Theblackdog>: also what?

<Scratch>: or brikwars?

<Scratch>: and when did you say that?

<Vami>: Scratch. You now control Emeria until I see fit to return.

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BrikWars Czat, sometime in 2014

ISM Takeover of the Fascist Emerian Theocratic Empire and United Republic and Commonwealths

In G.R. 2014, 9/25 at 9:33 PM, in an unprecedented move by the VAMI council, Emeria officially ceded complete control of their territory to the Space Mafia. The one dissenting voice, Major Romano, fled into exile. In the absence of strong leadership, the military stood down. Sicilian born VAMI III, Briggs was named Il Presidente of the newly restructured nation conducted several changes and bloody purges of the military and bureaucracy, replacing the already mafia-dominated system with a now fully mob-filled system and promoting Mob-supporting Emerian generals and officers (Even more than Emeria already did).

In several controversial moves, Pres. Briggs had sent a conditional surrender terms to Bavaria, entailing Emeria as becoming a territory occupied by The Police State of Venice. Now possessing complete control of the Emerian hierarchy, Emeria saw a revolution like no other, seeing the nation rise from the Pseudo-Cuban backwater to a major Latin power in the area. With Emerian (Spanish) and Venetian (Italian) leaders, political and Military in charge, the renovation began. Emeria has since quickly become an almost completely Spancillian faction, blending the both of worlds into a single, deadly force.

The new government has since successfully mixed both cultures, leading to a unique blend of Spanish / Latino American Fascist Dictatorship and Venetian Police State and a splash of theocracy. Casinos and speak easys dot the Emerian metropolises, hidden from sight by new Pizzerias and Italian Butchers shops are on every street corner. The new up and rising company on both Emerian and Venetian markets is the new "Venetian East Emerian Trade Company." When approached for comment, newly dubbed "Grand Duke" Romano, formerly known as VAMI IV, he respectfully declined, saying, "My nation is reinventing itself. It needs all the time I can offer it." An eagle shed a single tear behind him.


OASIS Attack

As to expected after a coup, there was a time of unrest in Emeria. In a speech to the Emerian public, an unidentified assailant decapitated one of El Presidente's redshirts with a well placed sharpened pizza throw, which resulted in Venice sending the 5th Army to Emeria to quell the resulting riot. The Venetian occupation forces forced the Emerian Imperial Military to stand down, and Briggs made the ill-advised decision to mothball Emeria's military.

Snatching up this opportunity, the Explosionist extremist group OASIS launched a jihad against the Emerian Empire, seizing an unprecedented 3 Systems of Emerian Proper. More riots ensued, more people died, and Briggs' foolishness had cost Emeria dearly.

End of the N00B War

When the government had finally been re-ordered to fit the Mafia, the Venetians realized the paradoxical idea of a now TA state at war with another TA State, the Venetians ended the war with a white peace, ending the First N00B War, with nobody gaining anything from the venture except for proof of EPÉEN dominance over the now utterly defeated Danish Pact.

Historical Event
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