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EPÉEN Alliance
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Had Influence in Western Arms & Northern Spirals


Emerian Empire
Avokhan Empire
Soluin Imperials
Army of JAM

None Listed

Third Alliance

None Listed

EPÉEN Alliance

EPÉEN is a anti-Peach, anti-Immortal, anti-Pwnie faction that exists mostly in the Western Arms and Vipiriath Wheel, inside and out of the Nehellium Galaxia. It's name was coined by Scratch during a BrikWars chat session.

In early G.R, 2017 The Alliance was officially dissolved, it merged with the Galacian Elkoss Strategic Defense Treaty, into the Iron Symphony


Founding Members

Emerian Empire
Empryan Colonies


Avokhan Empire
Soluin Imperial Remnant
Army of JAM

Former Members

Galacian Federal Republic *Left in G.R 2016


(Forces of Orangedom,
Helvetik Konfederation,
Noyt imperium,
Space Raiders)



Grand Poobah of EPÉEN Mobfather Scratch


Humble Beginnings

Originally formed as the "Cuarta Allianza" by the Emerian Empire, the Alliance first formed to provide military assistance for the Empryans during the First N00B War.

When the First N00B War first broke out between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Emprya-Phalek alliance, the two factions banded together against the Danish Pact's combined Valoros, Danish, and Shadovian force. The alliance officially formed when Emerian forces arrived on Emprya, fought the war to a standstill and reclaimed Emprya with the help of their Phalek and Empryan allies, and then consolidated their forces. When the leaders of the three nations assembled, they agreed on an alliance, and formed as PEE.

Emeria's plan to take the alliance to greater heights was initially thwarted by their lack of fame, but this did not stop the alliance from attracting the Avokhan Empire and Soluin Imperials into their ranks. Following these groups, the Phaleks brought the Army of JAM into the alliance, despite the complete silence of the voting hall on the decision.

Policy Change

Following VAMI Briggs' pro-mafia coup of the Emerian government, Emeria and thus EPÉEN quickly took a different direction, signing peace treaties with the Third Alliance and Denmark. They then, again following in the style of the Third Alliance, decided to adopt the Space Mafia as their official underworld organization. In a 3-1 vote, the EPÉEN Alliance elected Mobfather Scratch to the position of Grand Poobah. Once the now Venetian vassal state

The NTA Taskforce

The NTA (Note The Accent) Task Force is an elite branch of the EPÉEN alliance that specializes in punishing anyone or thing, regardless of who they are, who fails in either speech or writing to use the accent in the middle of the name. All agents are infamously armed with Cricket Bats, dressed in neat black uniforms with pins and white armbands that read "NTA," with white hats.