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Timeline of Galactik Revolutions

Editor's Note: Please refer to Wikipedia's Lego Timeline when coming up with material for this page, because it's a great source of ideas.

Pre-1,977th G.R.: The Time Before SpaceMen

The Time Before Spacemen is roughly reckoned in revolutions Before Minifigs (B.M.).

Over 9,000 B.M.

Raptorjesus goes extinct for our sins.

April 7th, 86 B.M.

No records have survived from this time, except for the diary of a certain Mr. Garson. He writes: "April 7. Rainy. As I ate breakfast I felt something vast and immeasurably powerful getting born into the universe, and I knew that the world would never be the same again." He prophesied of the noble birth of the great Ole Kirk, future prodigy of the Two-by-Two.

14 B.M.

Astro-Binding Substance (ABS) discovered

4-3 B.M.

SpaceMen (yet to be born) rejoice as two great Humans enter the Galactik Civilization.

1,977th - 1,983rd G.R.: The Golden Age of Galactik Civilization

BR 1,977

The first SpaceMen appear

BR 1,978

Yellow Castle 375 is constructed, leading to the foundation of the Royal dynasty

BR 1,980

Warhead picks up his first Deadly Spaceman set and says, "Cool!"

BR 1,983

The Yellow Castle disappears along with the Royal bloodline, leaving no clear heir to Galactik Civilization

1,984th - 2,000th G.R.: The Silver Age of Unending Warfare

BR 1,984

Two competing factions lay claim to inherit the Royal bloodline , the Leos and the Shadowhawks. Galactik Civilization is fractured and torn apart, with whole regions of space lost, cut off, or reduced to a primitive barbarism. On many worlds, technology is forgotten, but forces loyal to the two houses continue battling at a medieval level.

BR 1,987

The DarkTron Conspiracy is revealed

BR 1,990

Radioactive ghosts are discovered by Setvian miners, blown backwards in time from the destruction of the Second DarkTron Conspiracy of 1,993rd G.R.

BR 1,991

Surprisingly, the two great men born two decades ago fail to write down any kind of rules for a game they play with plastic building bricks. In the process of unexpectedly failing to do that, they also fail to write a timeline of back history for that game. The lost 48 starship Civilizations are discovered, leading to new bouts of warfare.

BR 1,993

The Second DarkTron Conspiracy

BR 1,995 Abdul Alhazray, the Mad Hawk, writes the Necronobrikon . The Cult of Brikthulhu grows stronger.

BR 1,999

The Space Wars begin.

2,001st G.R. - Present: The Bronze Age of Abomination

BR 2,001

The Bionix, created to be machines of hate, begin unholy experiments to mold ABS into unnatural half-living Bionikal monstrosities

BR 2,002

Bionix complete the Bionidor Abomination, mutagenic creations so foul that they turn against Teknix and almost destroy all of Galactik Civilization

BR 2,003

The Negaverse invades in force, with an onslaught of Nega-Demons and POOP Dragons, in the now infamous Nega Storm.

The first of the Peach Mutations are created.

BR 2,004

VladTron raises an army from the ashes of DarkTron I to oppose the Mocian Rainbow Knights in the First VladTron Rebellion

BR 2,005

Second VladTron Rebellion

BR 2,006

Third VladTron Rebellion

BR 2,008

Pesgores discovers the Far-Off Battle Technology, allowing generals to lead their armies from the other side of the galaxy.

The Hallo warriors, believed to be allied to the forces of good, reveal their treachery - they are in fact servants of Nega-Blokia.

BR 2,009

Armoured Cars are invented and the battle of Brikhart occurs. The massive Jungle Rampage, Also taking place elsewhere in the galaxy, the Caid sector engagement saw the first use of large capital ships slugging it out with other capital ships, (to date this may be the largest battle ever recorded) took place along with many other smaller and//or less-significant battles. A battle for the title to a small, insignificant hill began, and has continued to this day. the BURPmen appear in the caves of BURPstick9.

BR 2,010

Treasure-seeking underwater explorers stumble upon R'lyehgo, BrikThulhu's sunken city. The Honorable Leprechaun departs forever...right? Begun, the Immortal War has. Bionix leave the Brikverse. At the same time, Heroix enter the Brikverse from an alternate reality.

BR 2,011

Some oracles claimed that in this revolution, "a terrible blow shall be struck to the peach mutations and those who took part in the Space Wars." Many doomsday cults sprung up all over the place, counting down to the fatihful date, until it finally arrived and... nothing happened. After some initial confusion, the oracles realized they had misinterpreted their visions - the prophecy would actually come true in BR 2,016, rather than BR 2,011.

BR 2,012

Oracles predict "The Space Wars shall continue unto the BR 2,022, and the scourge of the Peach Mutations shall be spread far and wide throughout the Brikverse". And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.