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A catalog of LXF files (files that LDD uses) of everyone's ships, for free and public distribution and use in BrikWars MicroSpace battles. This page is sorted by faction in alphabetical order.

Akkadian Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
N/A (many ships) Frigates, Gunboats Natalya File:Akkadian Miscellaneous.lxf
Tirpitz Destroyer Natalya File:Tirpitz Destroyer.lxf

Akkadian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Gemini Freighter Shadowscythe File:Akkadian Gemini Cargo Freighter.lxf

Arillian Commonwealth

Name Class Builder LXF
Gladius Fighters Dragonfire666666 File:Gladius Class Fighters.lxf
Broadsword Bombers Dragonfire666666 File:Broadsword Class Bombers.lxf
Starfall Frigate Dragonfire666666 File:Starfall Class frigate.lxf
Death Bringer Assault Carrier Dragonfire666666 File:Death Bringer Class Assualt Carrier.lxf
Bladestorm Escort Cruiser Dragonfire666666 File:Bladestorm Class Escort Cruiser.lxf
Dragonfire Battleship Dragonfire666666 File:Dragonfire Class Flagship.lxf

Assyrian Star Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
Mercury & Eris Light Frigate & Gunboat Shadowscythe File:Mercury Light Frigate AND Eris Gunboat.lxf
Uranus Carrier Shadowscythe File:Uranus Carrier.lxf
Venus Destroyer Shadowscythe File:Venus Destroyer.lxf
Titania Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Titania Cruiser.lxf
Sol Battleship Shadowscythe File:Sol Battleship.lxf
Themisto Dreadnought Shadowscythe File:Themisto Dreadnaught.lxf
Jupiter Space Station Shadowscythe File:Jupiter Space Station.lxf

Assyrian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Leda Freighter Shadowscythe File:Assyrian Leda Frieghter.lxf

Assyrian Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Austere Armored Core Colette File:Austere Armored Core.lxf

Awesome Empire/Planet Communist

Name Class Builder LXF
N/A (many ships) Many Classes Colette File:AwesomeCommie Miscellaneous.lxf


Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Gunship Silverdream File:BavarianGunship.lxf
Dreidel Support Frigate Silverdream File:Dreidel Support Frigate.lxf
Schwert Frigate Shadowscythe File:Schwert Frigate.lxf
Eindringling Troop Ship Silverdream File:Eindringling Troop Ship.lxf
Hosenschlitz Carrier Silverdream File:Hosenschlitz Carrier Gunship.lxf
MP Teutoburger-Wald Carrier Silverdream File:MP Teutoburger-Wald Carrier.lxf
Focko Destroyer Silverdream File:Focko Destroyer.lxf
Rakete Destroyer Shadowscythe File:Rakete Destroyer.lxf
Blucher Cruiser Silverdream File:Blucher Cruiser.lxf
Rosa Battleship Shadowscythe File:Rosa Battleship.lxf
Punisher Cross Battleship Silverdream File:Punisher Cross Battleship.lxf
Kreuz Dreadnought Silverdream File:Kreuz Dreadnought.lxf
Stachel Carrier Dreadnought Silverdream File:Stachel Carrier.lxf
Unnamed Space Station Silverdream File:Bavaria Orbit Station.lxf
Unnamed Space Station Dilanski File:Bavarian Defence Ring.lxf

Bavarian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Hehler Freighter Shadowscythe File:Bavarian Hehler Freighter.lxf

Bavarian Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Enki Giant Mecha Silverdream File:Enki Mech.lxf
Klaus Jr. Mech Giant Mecha Silverdream File:Klaus Jr Mech.lxf
Kult of Klaus Mech Giant Mecha Silverdream File:Kult of Klaus Mech.lxf
Wellenuberquell Illustrious Battleship Dilanski/Silverdream File:Wellenuberquell Illustrious Battleship.lxf
Unnamed Warp Gate Dilanski File:Bavaria Gate.lxf

Britannian League

Name Class Builder LXF
Marchant Frigate Dilanski File:Marchant Lancer-Frigate.lxf
Elizabeth Destroyer Dilanski File:Elizabeth Destroyer.lxf
Avonmouth Cruiser Newcowboy File:Avonmouth Cruiser.lxf
Cambridge Cruiser Dilanski File:Cambridge Cruiser.lxf
N/A (multiple ships) Cruisers Shadowscythe File:Britannian Catalog.lxf
Glasgow Battleship Dilanski File:Glasgow Battleship.lxf
Edinborough Dreadnought Shadowscythe File:Edinborough Dreadnought MKII.lxf
Lion Dreadnought Dilanski File:Lion Dreadnought.lxf

Corporate State of Hellios

Name Class Builder LXF
Hades Corvette Gorthaff File:Hades Corvette.lxf
Artemis Frigate Gorthaff File:Artemis Frigate.lxf
Gaia Carrier Gorthaff File:Gaia Carrier.lxf
Deimos Destroyer Gorthaff File:Deimos Destroyer.lxf
Scylla Missile Destroyer Gorthaff File:Scylla Missile Destroyer.lxf
Siren Cruiser Gorthaff File:Siren Cruiser.lxf
Charybdis Heavy Cruiser Gorthaff File:Charybdis Heavy Cruiser.lxf
Athena Battleship Gorthaff File:Athena Battleship.lxf
Cerberos Dreadnought Gorthaff File:Cerberos Dreadnought.lxf
Chronos Super-Carrier Gorthaff File:Chronos Supercarrier.lxf
Ares Planet Buster Gorthaff File:Ares Tactical Ultra-Muonbeam PlanetBuster.lxf
Amphora Space Station Gorthaff File:Amphora Station.lxf

Hellian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Ceres Transport Gorthaff File:Ceres Transport.lxf

Dark Armies from Deadnocide

Name Class Builder LXF
N/A (multiple ships) Many Classes transformerj File:Deadnocide Miscellaneous.lxf
Caretaker Dreadnought transformerj File:Caretaker Dreadnought.lxf

Distopian Sovereignty

Name Class Builder LXF
Praetorian Light Cutter Quantumsurfer File:Praetorian Light Cutter.lxf
Rampart Superlight Frigate Quantumsurfer File:Rampart Superlight Frigate.lxf
Lancer Light Destroyer Quantumsurfer File:Lancer Light Destroyer.lxf

Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths

Name Class Builder LXF
Sao Filipe Destroyer Vami IV File:Sao Filipe Destroyer.lxf
Napolitana Cruiser Vami IV File:Napolitana Cruiser.lxf
San Lorenzo Battleship Vami IV File:San Lorenzo Battleship.lxf
El Burro Heavy Battleship Vami IV File:El Burro Heavy Battleship.lxf
St. Michael Space Station Colette/Vami IV File:St. Micheal.lxf

Empire of Luchardsko

Name Class Builder LXF
NA Frigate Falk File:NA Frigate.lxf
Vigilant Frigate Falk File:Vigilant Frigate.lxf
Guardian Light Carrier Falk File:Guardian Light Carrier.lxf
Ranger Carrier Falk File:Ranger Carrier.lxf
Liberator Destroyer Falk File:Liberator Destroyer.lxf
Vanguard Cruiser Falk File:Vanguard Cruiser.lxf
Victorious Battleship Falk File:Victorious Battleship.lxf
Defiant Battleship Falk File:Defiant Battleship.lxf
Nemesis Battleship Falk File:Nemesis Battleship.lxf
Firestorm Heavy Battleship Falk File:Firestorm Heavy Battleship.lxf
Chimera Dreadnought Falk File:Chimera Dreadnought.lxf

Frangerian Protectorate

Name Class Builder LXF
Hlin Scout Battlegrinder File:Hlin Scout.lxf
Forseti Frigate Battlegrinder File:Forseti Frigate.lxf
Magni Light Carrier Battlegrinder File:Magni Light Carrier.lxf
Heimdallr Assault Carrier Battlegrinder File:Heimdallr Assault Carrier.lxf
Ullr Destroyer Battlegrinder File:Ullr Destroyer.lxf
Tyr Battleship Battlegrinder File:Tyr Battleship.lxf


Name Class Builder LXF
Strillka & Barsuk Fighter, Bomber Kastrenzo File:Strilka Fighters + Barsuk Bombers.lxf
Koyot Torpedo Gunboat Kastrenzo File:Koyot Torpedo Gunboat.lxf
Strilet Corvette Kastrenzo File:Strilet Corvette.lxf
Prizak Stealth Corvette Kastrenzo File:Prizak Stealth Corvette.lxf
Ruslan Frigate Kastrenzo File:Ruslan Frigate.lxf
Sorcerer Carrier Kastrenzo File:Sorcerer Carrier.lxf
Pachenko Destroyer Kastrenzo File:Pachenko Destroyer.lxf
Pachenko (Missiles) Destroyer Kastrenzo File:Pachenko Destroyer (Missiles).lxf
Rasputin Cruiser Kastrenzo File:Rasputin Cruiser.lxf
Zvezda Cruiser Kastrenzo File:Zvezda Cruiser.lxf
Brusilov Battleship Kastrenzo File:Brusilov Battleship.lxf

Galacian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Corvette Kastrenzo File:Galacian Unnamed Corvette.lxf
Yastreb Transport Kastrenzo File:Yastreb Transport.lxf
Aguya Transport Kastrenzo File:Aguya Transport.lxf

Gamma Corps

Name Class Builder LXF
Salamis Fighters Elmagnifico File:Salamis Fighter squadrons.lxf
Mage Torpedo Frigate Elmagnifico File:Mage Torpedo Frigate.lxf
Barbarian Destroyer Elmagnifico File:Barbarian Destroyer.lxf
Cleric Cruiser Elmagnifico File:Cleric Command and Support Cruiser.lxf
Ranger Cruiser Elmagnifico File:Ranger Cruiser.lxf
Rogue Cruiser Elmagnifico File:Rogue Cruiser.lxf
Paladin Battleship Elmagnifico File:Paladin Battleship.lxf
Warblade Battleship Elmagnifico File:Warblade Battleship.lxf
Leviathan Dreadnought Elmagnifico File:Leviathan Dreadnought.lxf
Royalty Space Station Elmagnifico File:Royalty-class defense station.lxf
Pharos Space Station Elmagnifico File:Pharos-class Strike Sattelite.lxf
Aristocrat Space Station Elmagnifico File:Aristocrat-class medical and fighter defense station.lxf

Greater Empire of Lietuva

Name Class Builder LXF
Merkurijus & Fighter Gunboat, Fighter Duerer File:Merkurijus Light Frigate AND Fighter.lxf
Longinijus Frigate Duerer File:Longinijus Frigate.lxf
Venera Destroyer Duerer File:Venera Destroyer.lxf

Immortal Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Frigate Shadowscythe File:Immortal Unnamed Frigate.lxf
Under Hand Carrier Shadowscythe File:Under Hand Escort Carrier.lxf
Unnamed Destroyer Shadowscythe File:Immortal Unnamed Destroyer.lxf
Unnamed Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Immortal Unnamed Cruiser.lxf
Naga Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Naga Cruiser.lxf
Fist Assault Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Fist Assault Cruiser.lxf
Misanthrope Battleship Dilanski File:Misanthrope Battleship.lxf
Serpentia Battleship Shadowscythe File:Serpentia Battleship.lxf
Unnamed Battleship Battlegrinder File:Immortal Unnamed Battleship.lxf
Immolator Dreadnought Dilanski File:Immolator Dreadnought.lxf
Star Fucker Space Station Shadowscythe File:Star Fucker Forward Assault Base.lxf
N/A (multiple ships) Cruisers, Frigates, etc. Shadowscythe File:Immortal Miscellaneous.lxf

Immortal Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Black Hole Missile Shadowscythe File:Immortal Black Hole Missile.lxf

Imperial Magikstrate

Name Class Builder LXF
Monarch Frigate RedRover File:Monarch Frigate.lxf

Imperio Mexicano

Name Class Builder LXF
Cinco de Mayo Battleship Duerer File:Cinco de Mayo Battleship.lxf

Inquistadorial Monarchy

Name Class Builder LXF
Lady Vega II Frigate Bragallot File:Lady Vega II Frigate.lxf

Kingdom of Avalon

Name Class Builder LXF
Type-B Frigate Semaj Nagirrac/Colette File:Type-B Frigate.lxf


Name Class Builder LXF
Vox Dei Gunboat Quantumsurfer File:Vox Dei Gunboat.lxf
Celeritas Cutter Quantumsurfer File:Celeritas Cutter.lxf
Umbra Corvette Quantumsurfer File:Umbra Corvette.lxf
Vigilatus Corvette Quantumsurfer File:Vigilatus Corvette.lxf
Araphelinus Dreadnought Quantumsurfer File:Araphelinus Dreadnaught.lxf

Magyar Republik

Name Class Builder LXF
Angolna Frigate Duerer File:Angolna Frigate.lxf
Capa Destroyer Duerer File:Capa Destroyer.lxf
Albatrosz Heavy Cruiser Gorthaff File:Albatrosz Heavy Cruiser.lxf
Auróra Battleship Gorthaff File:Aurora Battleship.lxf


Name Class Builder LXF
Harper Gunboat mgb519 File:Harper Gunboat.lxf
Scorpius Cruiser mgb519 File:Scorpius Cruiser.lxf
Thunderlance Dreadnought Colette File:Thunderlance Dreadnought.lxf

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria

Name Class Builder LXF
Midgetman Frigate Colette File:Midgetman Frigate.lxf
Faraday Destroyer Colette File:Faraday Destroyer.lxf
Curie Cruiser Colette File:Curie Cruiser.lxf
Curie (Broadside) Cruiser Colette File:Curie Cruiser (Broadside).lxf
Heisenberg MKII Battleship Colette File:Heisenberg Battleship MKII.lxf
DMF Dreadnought Colette File:DMF Dreadnought.lxf
Athenia Dreadnought Colette File:Athenia Dreadnought.lxf
Dirac Star Juggernaut Colette File:Dirac Star Juggernaut.lxf
Euler Flagship Colette File:Euler Flagship.lxf
Helios Space Station Colette File:Helios Orbital Defense Platform.lxf
Lelantos Space Station Colette File:Lelantos Orbital Defense Platform.lxf

Trattorian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Virgin Galactic Shuttle Colette File:VirginPassengerShuttle.lxf
Merchant Freighter Colette File:Merchant.lxf
Clairaut Yacht Colette File:Clairaut.lxf
Unnamed Shuttle Colette File:TrattoriaShuttle.lxf
Ricardo Freighter Colette File:Ricardo.lxf
Prometheus Colony Ship Colette File:Prometheus.lxf
Laissez-Faire Freighter Colette File:LaissezFaire.lxf

Police State of Venice

Name Class Builder LXF
Istria Corvette Silverdream File:Istria Corvette.lxf
Partizipazio Heavy Cruiser Silverdream File:Partizipazio Heavy Cruiser.lxf
Candia Dreadnought Carrier Silverdream File:Candia Dreadnought Carrier.lxf
Achea Space Station Silverdream File:Achea Fortress.lxf

Praetorian Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
Vanguard P110 Frigate Dilanski File:Vanguard P110 Frigate.lxf
Insolent C110 Carrier Dilanski File:Insolent C110 Carrier.lxf
Apex H110 Destroyer Dilanski File:Apex H110 Destroyer.lxf
Deathstalker E220 Destroyer Dilanski File:Deathstalker E220 Destroyer.lxf
Triton P220 Cruiser Dilanski File:Triton P220 Cruiser.lxf
Vindication A110 Battlecruiser Dilanski File:Vindication A110 Battlecruiser.lxf
Heathen A330 Battleship Dilanski File:Heathen A330 Battleship.lxf
Megalodon A110 Battleship Dilanski File:Megalodon A110 Battleship.lxf
Warspite A110 Battleship Dilanski File:Warspite A110 Flagship.lxf
Nemesis Dreadcruiser Dilanski File:Nemesis Dreadcruiser.lxf
Apostosis X995 Dreadnought Dilanski File:Apostosis X995 Dreadnought.lxf
Exodus DN220 Dreadnought Dilanski File:Exodus DN220 Dreadnought.lxf
Citadel F110 Super-Carrier Dilanski File:Citadel F110 Supercarrier Dreadnought.lxf
Inexorable DN110 Dreadnought Dilanski File:Inexorable DN110 Dreadnought.lxf

Praetorian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Celeste G900 Shuttle Dilanski File:Celeste G900.lxf
Eterne G750 Shuttle Dilanski File:Eterne G750.lxf
M50 Excavo Transport Dilanski File:M50 Excavo.lxf
Tycoon Hauler Dilanski File:Tycoon Hauler (full).lxf
Tycoon (empty) Hauler Dilanski File:Tycoon Hauler.lxf

Praetorian Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Apex H110 (Black Ops) Destroyer Dilanski File:Apex H110 Destroyer (Black Ops).lxf
Nomos P110 Patrol Boat Dilanski File:Nomos P110 Patrol Boat.lxf
Deimos T110 Landing Platform Dock Dilanski File:Deimos T110 Landing Platform Dock.lxf
Megalodon A110 (Black Ops) Battleship Dilanski File:Megalodon A110 Battleship (Black Ops).lxf


Name Class Builder LXF
Beagle Research Craft Dilanski File:Beagle Research Craft.lxf
Libradon Enquirer Frigate Dilanski File:Libradon Inquirer.lxf
Collegaeta Enigma Cruiser Dilanski File:Collegaeta Enigma.lxf
Collegaeta Confoundedon Battleship Dilanski File:Collegaeta Confoundedon.lxf
Collegaeta Archon Battleship Dilanski File:Collegaeta Archon.lxf
Universaerium Infinite Star Juggernaut Dilanski File:Universaerium Infinite.lxf

Realm of Storms

Name Class Builder LXF
Death by Bomb Bomber Stormblessed File:Death by Bomb Bomber.lxf
Blue Buggy Frigate Stormblessed File:Blue Buggy Frigate.lxf

Scythian Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
Regent Frigate Shadowscythe File:Regent Frigate.lxf
Tyrant Carrier Shadowscythe File:Tyrant Carrier.lxf
Duke Destroyer Vami IV File:Duke Destroyer.lxf
Earl Heavy Destroyer Shadowscythe File:Earl Class Heavy Destroyer.lxf
Despot MKII Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Despot Cruiser MKII.lxf
Monarch MKVI Battleship Shadowscythe File:Monarch MKVI.lxf
Emperor MKIII Super-Battleship Shadowscythe File:Emperor Super-Battleship MKIII.lxf
Overlord MKIII Dreadnought Shadowscythe File:Overlord Dreadnought MKIII.lxf
Empress MKIII Super-Carrier Shadowscythe File:Empress Super-Carrier Dreadnought MKIII.lxf
Deity MKII Star Juggernaut Shadowscythe File:Deity Star Juggernaut MKII.lxf

Genoan Republiks

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Cruiser Shadowscythe File:Genoan Cruiser.lxf
Unnamed Battleship Shadowscythe File:Genoan Battleship.lxf

Scythian Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Shuttle Shadowscythe File:Scythian Passenger Liner.lxf
Unnamed Freighter Shadowscythe File:Scythian Freighter (1).lxf
Unnamed Freighter Shadowscythe File:Standard Freighter (2).lxf
Unnamed Freighter Shadowscythe File:Scythian Freighter (3).lxf
Unnamed Payload Freighter Shadowscythe File:Scythian Payload Frieghter MK-II b.lxf
Unnamed Research ships Shadowscythe File:Scythian research ship.lxf
Unnamed Tradeport Shadowscythe File:Scythian Tradeport.lxf
Unnamed Historical ship Shadowscythe File:Early Scythian SHIP.lxf
Unnamed Antimatter Tanker Colette File:ScythianAntimatterCarrier.lxf

Scythian Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Omega Evangelist Cyborg Shadowscythe File:ScythianEvaOmega.lxf
Unnamed Fleet Tender Shadowscythe File:Scythian Fleet Tender.lxf

Space Nazis

Name Class Builder LXF
Graf Spee Torpedo Boat Duerer File:Graf Spee Torpedo Boat.lxf
N/A (multiple ships) Frigate, Fighters Duerer File:Space Nazi Miscellaneous.lxf
Manticore Frigate Silverdream File:Manticore Frigate.lxf
Siegfried Carrier Duerer File:Siegfried Carrier.lxf
Zeppelin Cruiser Theblackdog File:Space Zeppelin Cruiser.lxf

Survivor's Union

Name Class Builder LXF
Hoblok II Mothership Sloopofwar File:Hoblok II.lxf

Time-Traveling Super Jews

Name Class Builder LXF
Lightbringer Cruiser Duerer File:Lightbringer Cruiser.lxf
David Battleship Duerer File:David Battleship.lxf

Three Letter Acronym

Name Class Builder LXF
Beta Frigate Theblackdog File:Beta Frigate.lxf
Delta Frigate Theblackdog File:Delta Frigate.lxf
Alpha Cruiser Theblackdog File:Alpha Cruiser.lxf
Epsilon Battleship Theblackdog File:Epsilon Battleship.lxf

Trion Empire

Name Class Builder LXF
Anklebiter Gunboat Robot Monkey File:Anklebiter Gunboat.lxf
Unnamed Gunboat Robot Monkey File:Trion Gunboat.lxf
Huntsman Frigate Robot Monkey File:Huntsman Frigate.lxf
Devastator Destroyer Robot Monkey File:Devastator Destroyer.lxf
Dominator Cruiser Robot Monkey File:Dominator Cruiser.lxf
Annihilator Dreadnought Robot Monkey File:Annihilator Dreadnought.lxf
Unnamed Space Station Robot Monkey File:RIN Space Station.lxf

Trion Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Freighter Robot Monkey File:Cargo Ship.lxf

Trion Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Unit-02 Evangelist Cyborg Colette File:Unit-02 Evangelist Cyborg.lxf
Der Vorsprung Warp Ship Colette File:DerVorsprung.lxf

Unified Republik of Poland

Name Class Builder LXF
Sokol Bomber Duerer File:Sokol Heavy Bomber.lxf
Dzida Gunboat Duerer File:Dzida Gunboat.lxf
Miecz MK2 Frigate Duerer File:Miecz Frigate Mk2.lxf
Baron Carrier Duerer File:Baron Missile Carrier.lxf
Paladyn MK2 Carrier Duerer File:Paladyn Carrier Mk2.lxf
Szlachcic Destroyer Duerer File:Szlachcic Destroyer.lxf
Krol MK2 Destroyer Duerer File:Krol Destroyer Mk2.lxf
Straznik MK2 Light Cruiser Duerer File:Straznik Light Cruiser Mk2.5.lxf
Jagie Battleship Duerer File:Jagie Siege Battleship.lxf
Piast MK2 Battleship Duerer File:Piast Battleship Mk2.lxf
Lech MK2 Dreadnought Duerer File:Lech Dreadnought Mk2.lxf
Chrzarzczerzeworzyce Dreadnought Duerer File:Chrzarzczerzeworzyce Dreadnought.lxf
Sfera MK2 Dreadnought Duerer File:Sfera Mk2.lxf
Unnamed Space Station Duerer File:Polish Battle Station.lxf

Krakow Union

Name Class Builder LXF
Grom Destroyer Newcowboy File:Grom Destroyer.lxf
Wicher Cruiser Newcowboy File:Wicher Cruiser.lxf
Wiedzmin Cruiser Newcowboy File:Wiedzmin Cruizer.lxf
Wilk Battlecruiser Newcowboy File:Wilk Battlecruiser.lxf
Ciemnykałamarnica Battleship Newcowboy File:Ciemnykałamarnica Void Ship.lxf
Adler Dreadnought Silverdream File:Adler Dreadnought.lxf
Adler Kingsajz Dreadnought Duerer File:Adler Kingsajz Dreadnought.lxf

Krakow Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Kabel Transport Newcowboy File:Krakow Kabel Transport.lxf
Kabel Refit Revamp Transports Newcowboy File:Kabel Tranport Refit Revamp.lxf

Krakow Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Void Hussar MK2 Giant Mecha Newcowboy File:Void Hussar MK2.lxf
Space Temple Space Station Newcowboy File:Space Temple Magic Alliance.lxf

Church of the Great Creator

Name Class Builder LXF
Fist of the Great Creator Dreadnought Duerer File:Fist of the Great Creator.lxf
Salvator Mundi Star Juggernaut Duerer File:Salvator Mundi.lxf

Order of Dobrzyń

Name Class Builder LXF
Egzorcysta Light Cruiser Duerer File:Egzorcysta Light Cruiser.lxf
Inkwizytor Battleship Duerer File:Inkwizytor Battleship.lxf
Lech (with Beer Cannon) Dreadnought Duerer File:Lech Dreadnought (Beer Cannon).lxf
Chapter Monastery Dreadnought Duerer File:Chapter Monastery.lxf

Polish Civilian

Name Class Builder LXF
Rolnik Terraformer Duerer File:Rolnik terraformer.lxf
Unnamed Freighter Duerer File:PoloniaFreighter.lxf

Polish Miscellany

Name Class Builder LXF
Abaddon Giant Mecha Duerer File:Abaddon Mech.lxf
Unnamed Satellite Duerer File:Polish Satellite.lxf
Unnamed Satellite Scanner Duerer File:Polish Satellite Scanner.lxf
Nowa Gdansk Space Station Duerer File:Nowa Gdansk Orbital Port.lxf

Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republiks

Name Class Builder LXF
Serp & Molot Fighter & Bomber Duerer File:USSSR Fighters.lxf
Marx's Revenge Frigate Cpt. Zipps/Duerer File:Marx's Revenge Frigate.lxf
Unnamed Frigates Duerer File:USSSR Frigates.lxf
Revolyutsiya Carrier Duerer File:Revolyutsiya Carrier AND Drones.lxf
Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier Duerer File:Admiral Kuznetsov Heavy Carrier.lxf
Unnamed Destroyer Duerer File:USSSR Destroyer.lxf
Raspliushchivat Cruiser Newcowboy File:Raspliushchivat Cruiser.lxf

United Systems Alliance

Name Class Builder LXF
Antietam Frigate Colette File:Antietam Frigate.lxf
San Francisco Carrier Shadowscythe File:San Francisco Class Carrier.lxf
Alamo Destroyer Colette File:Alamo Destroyer.lxf
Midway Cruiser Colette File:Midway Cruiser.lxf
Gettysburg Dreadnought Colette File:Gettysburg Dreadnought.lxf
Nimitz Super-Carrier Dilanski File:Nimitz Super Carrier.lxf

Vergilius Raskolnikov

Name Class Builder LXF
N/A (all ships) Frigate, Destroyer, Carrier, Space Station Arkbrik File:VR Miscellaneous.lxf

Zupponn Mining Company

Name Class Builder LXF
Unnamed Frigate Zupponn File:ZMC Frigate.lxf
The Finger Battleship Zupponn File:The Finger Battleship.lxf

Unknown Factions

Coming soon.

Unknown Civilian

Coming soon.