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An astonishing variety of creatures inhabit the BrikVerse and all that it interacts with. Many of those creatures have predecessors, associated sub-species, mutations, suffer from transmutative afflictions, or are subject to any number of other alterations. Some maintain sentience while some are monsters or animalistic. The Legitimitium MultiVerse is construction toy based and so remains as one of the multiverses most teeming with life and imagination. The BrikVerse is where most of its more wild creatures are born.



Humans are the mythikal, god-like overlords of the BrikVerse.

Minifig Genus

Minifigs are the single most common and important species in the BrikVerse.


Big Ugly Rock Piece Men are one of the most POOP-filled lifeforms in the universe.


A backwater, teknikal race of giants.


Chessmen are the displaced creatures of another MultiVerse who advocate rationality and tactikal planning.

CLOan Genus

CLOans are creatures made of lesser Leg-Ore who mimic minifigs in a parody of life.


A race of hellish creatures bent on destruction and chaos.

Dungan Jaw-Jaw

Savage and disgusting, Dungans are a dangerous race of coprophages.


A race of she-devils who advocate the destruction of anything lacking cuteness.


MunchFigs are a magikally created race of half-figs, spawned from the mixed genetik material of ancient ProtoFigs, living minifigs, and fried chicken legs.

Nega Genus

The various and sundry creatures of the NegaVerse.

Ekvine Genus

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldiers are the displaced creatures from another MultiVerse who advocate winning at all costs.


Trolls come in various forms but are all regenerating menaces with no redeeming qualities.


An alternate explanation for the seeming lack of Female minifigs; they have all been turned into AnnDroids.

Creature Types


SigFigs are the minifigure representations of Human personalities.


Characters are creatures given personality and backstory who fulfill a role in the BrikWars narrative.

Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder are creatures whose sole purpose in the universe is to inflate the kill count. They are sometimes called Civilians, as well.


Constructs are creatures made of Modular Parts that can be disassembled and put back together again with no lasting penalty, even if the Parts get mixed up in the process.


Masters are born leaders, holding sway over a horde of minions through mind control, charisma, or fear.


Monster is the catchall term for unique and terrible creatures.


Creatures that possess strange and wondrous powers.


The expendable resources used by Masters.


Non-living creatures possessed of an anti-LifeForce.


Very small creatures that can form into Swarms.

Creature Concepts

Creature Components

Creature Components defines the very stuff creatures are made of in the BrikVerse.

Creature Evolutions

Some creatures evolve to take on greater roles on the battlefield and are considered better than an average minifig.

Creature Specialties

Evolved minifigs and other creatures develop special abilities and powers that allow them to alter the course of battle.

Creature Themes

Creature themes are stereotypikal labels used by armies in the BrikVerse, largely to identify troops quickly and easily.

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