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Operation Get-Every-Fucking-Brikwars-Country-Ever-onto-the-Wiki

Please don't edit this without informing me. I need to know and coordinate what's on this list.

Listed by Row:

Row 1: Amorian Alliance, Assyrian Star Empire, Astronuts, The Synthetic-Organic Coalition, Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery, Der Reich Von Bavaria, Czecho-Slovenian Republik, Britannian League, Dracus Empire, Brickville Union, Federation of Extraterrestrial Conquest, Iceworld, Kingdom of Avalon, Mercenary Army Of eXtermination, Organization of Lost Dimensions, Praetorian Empire, Trion Empire, Stranians, Brik End Space Empire, Scarlet Maskirovkas, Space Cops (NGO, Observer only), Tyronian Empire, State of Vergilius Raskolnikov, The Wanderers

Row 2: Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust, 45th Union, Republic of Mauros, North Siberian Space Theocracy, Hy Brasilian Time Empire, Gamma Corps, Inquistadorial Monarchy, Empire of Luchardsko, Benjaminian Republic, Coalition of Ajax 4, Immortal Empire, Green Rangers of Greeentoppol, Elkossian Federal Republic, Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria, Elkossian Commonwealth, Elkossian New Republic, United Raider Confederation, Triangular State, Neo-Prussian Empire, Misanthropic Army of Super-Soldiers, Time Traveling Super Jews, Paladins against the Peaches, Zupponn Mining Co., West Banking Coalition

Row 3: Hammersmith Empire, The Sinned Ones, Gauntlet Military Corporation, BIN, United Peach Alliance, VoL, Azteks, Blokbots, Conglomerate of Salt Miners, Oktan Rangers, Union of Calvarian Star Systems, Arcadian Federation, Union of Soviet Socialist Space Republics, Pseudo-Arachnid Empire, Ilun Taldea, Briktopian Empire, Army of the Damned Tech, Order of the Equinox, Space Pirates, Savages, Nomads of Unfair Justice, Paladin Corps, Pesconian Empire, Aquatian League

Row 4: Space Vikings, Space Banditos, Austzechia, Autonomous State of Mesda Defense, Great Scythian Empire, Planet Krilon, Space Ninjas, Space Knights, Glacier Empire, Squidhead Dominion, Republic Alliance of Gimlé, Al-Kind-Of, Gentlemanian-NAC Alliance, Silvarian Empire, Planet Brimstone, V’ger Collective, Celestial Kingdom, United Systems Alliance, Brikwater Rentacop Inc., Crimson Dawn, Freedom Systems of Murica, Waldo’s Army, The Captain, Khaos Krusaders

Row 5: Brik End Anti-Royalist Party, Police State of Venice, Blood Daemons, Blood Warriors, Grateheads, Dimmies, Enormous-Head No-Limb Minifigs, Shady Mercenaries, Gludavian Raiders, Metal Warriors, Grade Federation, Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces, LegitEye Knights, Holy Triangle (Observer only), Medivo, Fantoria, NecroTek, Canadia Star Legion, Knights of Aldasveign, Halkron Imperium, Heryllian Unified Republic of Territories, Northern Alliance, Genoan Republics, Deep Space Management

Row 6: Cthulhu, United Mars Foreign Legion, Basilikoi, Frog Fiend, Fish People and Affiliated, Voxxel Corp., Realm of Storms, Empire of Tymon, New Soviet Union, Empire of Shadovia, Kingdom de Lance, Aeron Star Empire, REPCONN Aerospace and Paramilitary Organization, Not-Z Banditos, Rednecks, Space Dudes, Suncorp, Space Barbarians, Akkan Dosh Unity, Really Exceptionally Deadly, Tairin Federation, Eagle Strike Force, Galactic Dominion, K’desian Space Ninja Empire

Row 7: Awesome Empire, Monsters United, Phobian Empire, Consortium Mercenary Empire, Galaxy Patrol, Appel Incorporated, Googel Incorporated, Droid Company, Azshuran Empire, Leviathan's Army, Ezurian Empire, Order of the Holy Dragon, Imperial Empire, Magmatron Empire, Viridian Empire, Avokhan Empire, Msogoan Empire, Paladine Imperium, Trovian Empire, Xarathian Outcasts, Sons of Warhead, Mjolnir Coalition, Peach Marauders

Row 8: Wasteland Scavengers, Random Empire, New Dutch Empire, Geraldden Mercenary Force, Tredorian Empire, 404’st Division, Da Ming Guo, Abbys Empire, Charlesbourg Knight League, Grey Empire, Grand Order of the Pure Briks, Space Moldavia, Bogan Commonwealth, Aegisian Republic of Still-Dust, Avicii Empire, Universal Union, Three Letter Acronym, Novarian Empire, Germanian Reich, Belkaustican Confederation, Ordo Orientium Flagrans, Manly Men, Free Workers Union, United Earth Government,

Row 9: Terran Alliance, New Coruscant Republic, Ilbaran Rebellion, Corporate State of Hellios, Cult of the Cake, Falx Empire, Space Nazi Reich, Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurer’s Guild, Nova Syndicate Alliance, Reborn Deadly Spaceman Empire, Krude Konstruktion Kingdom, Ultramaroons, Skadus Syndicate, Prussian Empire, Da Orks, United Freedonian League, Space Sharks, M-Throne Empire, Macdev Empire, Planet Communist, China Buffet Legion, Titan Empire, Second Teutonic Reich, Metal Box Marauders

Row 10: Aklorian Eastern Continent Alliance, Depends-r-full, Soluin Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, Goon Squad, Legion of the Eternal Question, Empire of Dr. Moreau, Space Dorfs, Phalek Empire/A.R.C., Space Werewolves, Frangerian Protectorate, New Roman Empire, New Scandinavia, Peach Liberation Army, 3rd Regular Army Deserters, The Most Holy Kingdom of Emprya And Her Esteemed Colonies, Madasses, Army of JAM, Democratic Kakistocracy of Buncombe, Emerian Empire and United Republics and Commonwealths, Itxi's Inevitables, Nitronian Galactic Starfleet, Syder Communications, Hiksos Star Empire,

Row 11: RARCom, Ketir-Iah, Gnomish Space Alliance, Dark Armies from Deadnocide, Kingdom of Hesse, Republic of Valoros, Holey Army from Beyond, Mighty CyberSkullz, Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska, Krakow Union, Grand Armies of Light, Crystal Empire, International Space Mafia (Observer only), Kingdom of the Tars, Lux, Strayan Empire, Faction of Rexus Prime, Duchy of Braunberg, Republik of Independent Planets, Royal Quadrarian Postal Service, United Lego Peace Keeper Corps, Kingdom of Saxony, Citizen's Revolutionary Oil and Octane Defense Forces, New Tru Republic of the Wastes

Row 12: ChroTron Energetics United, Tiara Army, BrainTrust Initiative, Sengoku Army, Wartirnian Mercenaries, Chrystallious Empire, Office of Colonial Security and Stability, Empire of the Yellow Sun, Grrdzilla's Space Monster Party, Plutonauts, Autonomous Republik of Transsrbija, Royal Azure Imperium, Kreetian Allied Republik, Republik of Magyar, Space Samurais, Republic of Eldorria, Blue Heliad Sciences Corporation, Ebony Millinery, United Klingdom, Mercenary Guild, The Imperial Magikstrate, Neon Nutzees (Technocratic Union), Ragorian Empire, Fire Dragons

Row 13: Bluehawks, Ultramar Defence Force,

Nations to do: United Perwar Colonies, Planetcrackers, Iceworld Colonists on Jotunn-IV, Holy Garuda Empire, Spyrius Robotech, Blacktron NuGen, Tengu Brotherhood, Steel Legion, Perwar Swarm, Blargh Star Empire, Blacktronian Empire, Bleywell Security Incorporated, Rupublic of New Greece, Planet Ario, Amestris, Undead Spacemen, Anti-Uasciri Movement, Gentlemen's Crime Syndicate, Regulus Brotherhood, Imperio Mexicano, Arkhosian Empire, Zeitgeisteskrankheit, Gunnar-Grim, Distopian Sovereignty, Fiends, Pwny Imperium, Bellum Ville,Castle Armies (gaunt, Sylvanus, brag?, scratch, kaplan, silent-sigfig, etc.)

Remember to work something out for all the Perwar stuff (from UPC to Blargh).

Merge URP and Krakow Union into one.

Fix the Elkoss/Galacia clusterfuck now that it's settled down.

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As of May 8, 2015.

So you want to help with Operation Get-Every-Fucking-Brikwars-Country-Ever-onto-the-Wiki? Here are some ground basics:

6. You should never have to edit the Big List of Countries page. Only I, Colette, am allowed to do that, and I will know if you have tampered with it.

7. Click on those redlinks to fill in a new page.

8. Do some research on the faction you're going to write about. Search the old wiki and the forums for information. Helpful hint: search for the faction on google with the "" tag. The forum search tool doesn't pull up old topics for some reason, so it's going to miss out on the redlinked older factions.

8a. If you're lucky, you'll find a wikipage, topic, or some sort of nice backstory already written about the faction. Copy/paste as much as you can. It's more authentic that way and saves time.

8b. If you're unlucky, just read the information you can glean on the faction and synthesize a short written fluff. A single sentence or paragraph should suffice for factions like these.

9. You must fill out the following sidebar template. If you can't find Allies, Enemies, or Characters, just put "???". The picture in the sidebar is for flags- you won't be able to find one for most factions, so just leave the default Blank Fig.jpg. Influence is generally empire size- if you can't find explicit information on the empire's size, just put "Small Empire" and be done with it. This link has quantitative empire sizes for 42 countries, while this empire scale should help classify qualitative empire size descriptions. If you can't find an explicit description for Government, just put down "empire". If you can't find an explicit Tek Level, TL 5 is for smaller empires while TL 6 is for larger empires as a general rule. The sidebar template is available here. Replace caps-lock text with appropriate information, as well as the number/pound symbols next to Tek Level.

10. Every country page must include at least one image. If you're having a problem with this, pm me (colette) or post a message in the Brikwiki thread, including the name of the wiki page in question.

11. Try to add as many wiki links as you can to the body of the article. If you copied an article from the old wiki, wiki link all the blue text in the article.

12. ALWAYS HIT PREVIEW BEFORE YOU SAVE THE DRAFT. Everyone screws up, so try to avoid the major ones before creating the page. No page is better than a shitty fucked-up page, because at least redlinks are an obvious signal to me.

Thank you for your assistance!